DocuWare Document Management Software

Documents on demand, costs under control

Document Management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. While every organization does this in one way or another, this process is not always done in the most efficient, secure way. This can lead to lost documents, wasted hours manually filing or searching for documents, and wasted office space. Unlike a filing cabinet, DocuWare’s Document Management software securely stores your documents into electronic folders that can be indexed and searched by many criteria such as customer name and invoice number. 

DocuWare Document Management Baskets ScreenshotREDUCED STORAGE SPACE & PRINTING COSTS | For all businesses, there are expenses associated with the creation and storage of paper files. There are costs associated with printing documents, furnishing filing cabinets, finding a place to store those filing cabinets and paying someone to file the documents. DocuWare can greatly reduce these costs.

EASY RETRIEVAL WITH IMPROVED INDEXING & SEARCHING | With DocuWare, less time is spent locating documents because they can be retrieved by a search in a matter of seconds without so much as leaving your desk! Paper-based documents are often lost or misfiled – never to be seen again. 

IMPROVED DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION, INTERNAL OPERATIONS & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION | Digital imaging makes it easy to share documents electronically with co-workers and clients via email, over the network, or over the web. Drastically reduce response time by removing the typical delay associated with paper files such as filing, printing, sorting, folding, faxing and mailing. Doing this can improve workflow and give your organization a competitive edge!

IMPROVED SECURITY & DISASTER RECOVERY | DocuWare allows for more control over sensitive documents by determining an individual’s ability to access, view, or modify a document. You can also easily back up your important documents, providing fail-safe archives for effective disaster recovery. Your organization will be better protected from security breaches and disasters such as fire, floods and earthquakes. 


DocuWare Document Management Search Fields Screenshot                                     DocuWare Document Management Search List Screenshot
Search Options                                                                                                             Searches

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Les Olson Company is committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service and support. Our Software Solutions team is comprised of I.T. professionals and document imaging experts. Each holds the CDIA+ certification, which is a highly-regarded and established qualification for document management expertise. In addition, each of our team members are Microsoft Certified professionals and networking/I.T. professionals with various industry certifications.

We provide our customers with product training and installation to ensure that the software is properly installed and users fully understand its uses and functions. Our product experts may also be consulted at any time after the purchase to assist with troubleshooting and additional training needs.

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